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Korrasami - Meet the General Public - Part 4
(Part 4)
They have nearly re-enacted their previous restroom visit scene-to-scene, with the exception of Korra standing guard for Asami, as she occupied a stall, herself, this time. Waving to their waitress, who they spotted a few tables down, as they were walking towards the exit, they stepped out into the night.
“Just past eight.” Asami announced, looking at her watch, before both looked around for any Press.
“Coast is clear.” Korra commented. “Unless they’re hiding, again.” she added.
Not the first ambush we’ve walked in today.” Asami said, encouragingly and they started towards her car.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen the city at night. I mean, besides the wedding.” Korra commented. “Or actually been to it, and not just looking from the island.” she added.
“The last time was probably when you fought Unalaq as a giant spirit, right?” Asami mused. “And w
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Korrasami - Meet the General Public - Part 3
(Part 3)
They slowly came to, hearing what sounded like the shutters of several cameras clicking nearby. As both of them opened their eyes, they could see blurry, sporadic flashes of light going off in the bushes and from behind the trees. Hurried steps, muffled by the grass, told them it had to have been some truly relentless reporters and photographers, who had followed them all the way out there. Their vision adjusted in time for them to see hats and coattails vanish into the background.
“You gotta be kidding me!” Korra groaned as she rubbed her eyes while Asami did the same as she got up and pulled Korra to her feet. Both needing a few seconds for their legs to wake up and realize they ought to be supporting their weight. They supported each other, as they embraced and looked around them. It occurred to them they have dozed off for an hour or two as the Sun was a bit further along its path in the sky and the heat from its rays was not as strong as when they strolled thr
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Korrasami - Meet the General Public - Part 2
(Part 2)
They approached the double-doors that exited to the loading bay, where a number of transporting vehicles were parked, along with a large group of keen reporters, likely counting on them to try and sneak out through the back. The pair pulled back before anyone noticed them and pressed themselves against the wall.
“Darn it!” Korra cursed. “These guys just don’t give up.” she whispered to Asami.
“Think we can sneak past them?” Asami asked, even though she doubted it.
“No way.” Korra answered as she kept peeking from behind the doorway. “We’d have to make a run for it, no matter what.” she figured. “Time for the backup plan!” she exclaimed, then added “Which…was my first plan, anyway.” as she shrugged to a quizzical looking Asami.
“Wanna fill me in?” she asked, uncertain and was only given a grin.
“Just hold on tight!” Korra told her.
:iconmatthunx:MattHunX 12 1
Korrasami - Meet The General Public - Part 1
Korrasami – Meet the General Public
Author’s note
: Because titling it “First Date” would’ve been so pedestrian and potentially cheeky reporters with a lack of consideration for people’s face and privacy and the often shameless, sensationalist press just doesn’t really fall into the category of ‘the general public’. Anywho…Sequel to “Looking Ahead”. The lunch and dinner they planned in “Meet the Press.” The day before “All in a Day’s…Work?”
(PART 1)
The weather itself seemed to have shifted, along with their outlook for the future, as the pair stood in front of the City Hall. They watched as the two officers snapped to attention as Lin approached their service vehicle, opened the backdoor and casually took a seat in the back. The car slowly rolled away as the men inside have probably had to calm their nerves after their Chief just made herself passenger behind
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